Construction Claims Management Program


This three (3) units program is designed for professionals in the construction industry looking to advance their understanding of construction claims. The program will provide industry professionals with techniques to manage the unique contractual challenges that come from different construction project delivery methods and which could lead to cost intensive disputes. After this program, the participants will have an in-depth understanding of essential tools to prepare, respond and manage construction claims.


Unit 1: Introduction to Construction Claims Management

  • Understand the legal, contractual and claims framework
  • Expand the understanding of construction claims
  • Learn different kinds of claims and how to advance, prevent and resolve them
  • Understand the importance of construction site records and documentation
  • Learn about the essential characteristics of a successful claim

Unit 2: Advanced Construction Claims Management

  • Learn about the major causes of construction disputes
  • Understand Construction Scheduling and its contribution to dispute resolution
  • Discover the legal implication of typical scheduling practices
  • Avoiding disputes solution OR resolving them at the source solution

Unit 3: Construction Claims – Quantification of Damages

  • Learn about potential damages incurred in construction disputes which include: lost productivity, extended project management, unabsorbed overhead etc.
  • Learn about the measurement/Quantification approaches which are widely accepted
  • Learn about Delay Analysis Techniques: Impact-As-Planned Method, Window or Snapshot Analysis, As Planned vs. As Built
  • Learn about accepted methods of quantifying unabsorbed overheads such as Eichley and Hudson Formulae


  • Project Managers/Construction Managers/ Site Supervisors
  • Public or private owner
  • General Contractor/Subcontractor
  • Estimators, Engineers, Architects
  • Legal counsels
Jan. 30, Feb. 27 & Apr. 10, 2019
Wed. 9am – 3pm
TCA, 70 Leek Cres. Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jiwan Thapar, P.Eng., M.Eng., PSP, PMP
TCA member:
$1000.00 + HST (3 units, 3 days)
$1200.00 + HST (3 units, 3 days)
INSTRUCTOR: Jiwan Thapar, P.Eng., M.Eng., PSP, PMP

Jiwan Thapar is a renowned practitioner for his thought leadership and for his advocacy for best construction management practices to avoid and resolve construction project disputes. He has been recognized as an expert in his respective field before various courts and panels.