Integrated Design and Delivery

Owners and/or the Authorities (Clients) are finding ways to mitigate design and construction-related risks through leveraging the alternative procurement approach that has proven to be successful in achieving the objectives. Through design-builds, Clients get their operational excellence and the required service levels over the project life cycle. General Contractors (GCs) are responsible for the design-build of infrastructure to achieve the overall project objectives. GCs assign the design scope to a design team with the defined deliverables. The Design Team manages the entire design process and liaise with all relevant parties for review and approval including the Client and Construction Teams on value-engineering and constructability.

Role to play in an integrated approach

The Clients have a shared responsibility in every phase for GC’s successful contract deliverable starting from the design, being a precedent activity for overall project development. In this integrated design and delivery approach, the One-Team concept is developed with the roles and responsibilities of each participating entity, including the Clients and their representatives. GCs, however, is responsible for planning, resourcing, executing, and completing an infrastructure on budget and schedule, and proving compliance to the functional requirements.

In an integrated design and delivery approach, the GCs provide constructability, sequencing, schedule, cost, and other aspects of construction constraints for better management of risks, at the design phase through to the staged design progression. The ultimate intention of the integrated approach is to eliminate delays, cost overruns, constructability, and finally avoid changes and disputes.

One-Team remains responsible to:

  • Establish a collaborative platform with the Client’s Team, GC’s Team, and any SME.
  • Support and manage the Client’s Team in their expectations during design construction.
  • Identify and managing stakeholders including their active and continued participation.
  • Provide cost, schedule, and constructability input during design progression.


  • Introduction to IDD - Integrated Design and Delivery;
    • Aligning Values & Goals;
    • Business Model & Contract Structure;
  • Analysing Opportunities;
  • Initiating an Integrated Project;
  • Forming an IDD Team;
    • Interviewing;
    • SWOT Analysis;
  • Overcoming the Learning Curve;
  • Using Technologies;
  • Lean Practices;
  • Tools to Manage Challenges; and
  • Successful Project Close-Out.

Who Should Attend:

This course is specially designed for Owners and/or the Procuring Authorities, who are developing, procuring, and delivering infrastructure to ensure achieving operational excellence, future-proofing, and attain desired service levels over the project life cycle or project design life.

Oct. 17 & 24, 2022
Mon. 1pm – 4pm ET
Live Webinar
TCA member:
$300 + HST
$400 + HST