Labour Impacts and Constructions Delays

This seminar is a one-hour presentation designed to help attendees learn more about construction claims. Specifically, the presentation will include an overview of the time and cost impacts resulting from delaying events, such as the recent labour strikes. The damages related to such a claim will be further detailed via an explanation of forensic delay analysis and quantum analysis.

Outline of Presentation

I. Introduction to Claims 15 mins

  1. Types of claims
    • Damages
    • Causation
  1. Delay claims
    • Damages

II. Capturing the Labour Impact via Project Records 10 mins

  1. Capturing the Impact
  2. Supporting the impact
  3. Benefits to project record keeping
  4. Reporting frequency and type

III. Forensic Delay Analysis 15 mins

  1. Introduction to delay
  2. Schedule analysis
  3. Scheduling best practices

IV. Quantum Analysis 15 mins

  1. Costs attributed to labour impacts
  2. Labour costs
  3. Preliminaries and consumables
  4. Loss of productivity
  5. Acceleration
  6. Escalation

V. Q&A 5 mins

Oct. 24, 2022
Mon. 1pm – 2pm ET
Live Webinar
Tim Brashear, Vice President Construction Services
Owen McElhinney, P.Eng.
TCA member:
INSTRUCTOR: Tim Brashear, Vice President Construction Services

Tim Brashear is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania and Ohio (retired). He is also a registered neutral for the American Arbitration Association. Mr. Brashear has extensive construction claims experience both in the US and Internationally. His experience also includes construction claims, project management, construction management, and dispute resolution services

INSTRUCTOR: Owen McElhinney, P.Eng.

Owen has more than 35 years of wide-ranging management experience in the construction industry, including Infrastructure and Transportation, Nuclear Energy, Wind Power, Buildings, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial and Commercial, Insurance. Over the past 25 years, he has specialized in construction claims, contract commercial management, dispute resolution, and the management of distressed projects. Owen acts as Expert in both Delay and Quantum matters, determining the extent of delay and cost changes, how they were caused, and suggesting possible solutions.