Accounting Fundamentals: The Basics of Accounting in Construction

This one-day course specifically focuses on non-financial personnel in the construction industry. It guides them through the accounting processes and includes everything they need to know about accounting. The course was built based on my experience that business people need to understand what accountants do and why, so they can effectively use the resulting information – the financial reports. Designed exclusively for Non-Accountants, this course fills the gaps for those who have not been trained to read or analyze financial reports. This is not a sit and listen event but an interactive course with hands-on exercises that walk participants through each step of the accounting process.


Basic financial statements
Standards and principles
Accounting cycle
Balance sheet
Income statement
Cash flow statement
External accountants
Risk management
Terms and definitions


  • Understanding why accountants do what they do
  • Understanding basic financial statements
  • Understanding accounting processes


Every employee can benefit from this course especially those who have little or no experience in accounting, including:

  • Project managers and coordinators
  • Support employees
  • Supervisors/Managers
  • Owners
  • Trainees

KEY SELLING POINTS – Improve employee’s basic accounting knowledge

Nov. 28, 2019
Thu., 8:30am – 4pm
TCA, 70 Leek Cres. Richmond Hill, Ontario
Wayne Newell
TCA member:
INSTRUCTOR: Wayne Newell

Wayne served in senior financial leadership roles throughout North America and the Caribbean for over 35 years. His experiences and expertise has helped owners, managers, employees and businesses grow. In this seminar, he discusses specific techniques, methods and strategies used to help contracting companies increase profits, control and/or reduce costs and improve cash flows.