Excel for Construction – Advanced

If you would like to create spreadsheets to make your work of cost tracking, job tracking, production rates, schedules & estimates easy and consistent, then this course is for you.

Is running or analyzing a business or individual jobs important for you? We will demonstrate tools to help you better calculate your business metrics, profitability of jobs, plan budgets and examine business scenarios all through the use of Microsoft Excel. This advanced level course will give you a better comprehension of how to analyze data to create what-if scenarios (what if conditions changes – how will these affect the cost of the job).

  • Learn how to create simple Gantt charts and timelines in Excel.
  • We will show you how to use Excel with other programs to quickly and easily make presentation materials from spreadsheets containing estimates and schedules.
  • Discover the capacity to manipulate and analyze information (via pivot tables) to create management analysis reports.

Course Topics

  • Project Cost Estimation
    • Industry Best Practices for Creating Professional Estimates
    • Developing “what if” analysis for project plans
  • Scheduling using Gantt Charts
  • File Security
    • Locking Cells
    • Protecting Worksheets & Protecting Data
    • Creation of estimating and job costing forms
  • Analyzing Data
    • Filters, Pivot Tables & Data Validation
    • Analyze multiple scenarios using filters, pivot tables and data validation
  • Project Bidding
    • Incorporating Excel spreadsheets in other documents
    • Linking and Automatic Updates; Auditing information
  • Expense Tracking
  • Analyzing Budgets and Business Metrics

This instructor-led live webinar will be hosted through join.me, the participants must have Microsoft 365, 2016, or 2013 version of Excel.

Nov. 29 & Dec. 6, 2023 Wed. 1pm – 4pm ET
Live webinar
TCA member:
$450.00 + HST
$550.00 + HST