The 2020 CCDC 2: Going Beyond the Boardroom – A Contract Administrator’s Perspective

Go beyond the theory of changes made to the new CCDC 2 (2020) and discover what is new, what will affect you on-site as a contract administrator working for a GC, Subcontractor, Architect or Engineer - and what stays the same. Changes that have been highlighted as substantial include insurance and indemnity requirements, early occupancy and ready for take-over. There are over a half-dozen other language modifications that have yet to be talked about, thought about and worked through practically on-site. Not to mention, how consultants will be enforcing new conditions as their role in Part 2 of the contract. With the phase in period of CCDC 2 happening now, newer projects will soon be working with the new version.

Each participant will receive the education copy of the CCDC 2 (2020) and we will work through the following together:

  1. Adjudication as it ties into Articles 5.2, GC 8.2 and GC 7.2.3;
  2. Ready for Take-Over GC 12.1;
  3. Early Occupancy GC 12;
  4. How payment applications including the reduced role of the payment certifier in legislation will work relative to the new Construction Act in Ontario;
  5. Payment of Holdbacks, and alignment with provincial legislation;
  6. Eight other contract administration practices that need to be considered/altered to work with the new CCDC 2; and
  7. New Insurance requirements for 2021 and beyond.

Please note the information obtained from or through this course does not constitute legal advice, but is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes.

May 21, 2024 Tue. 9am - 12pm ET
Instructor-led live webinar
Derek A. Smith, Assoc. ADR Institute of Ontario
TCA member:
$200 + HST
$300 + HST
INSTRUCTOR: Derek A. Smith, Assoc. ADR Institute of Ontario

Derek Smith spent 18 years of his career administering CCDC contracts as prime consultant and as an owner representative project team lead. Since 2015, Derek has worked with over 25 employer associations in the construction and design sectors, over 5000 have attended his PD sessions, and since March 2020, he has delivered over 700 hours on-line live to more than 600 construction and design professionals. Derek is an associate of the ADR Institute of Ontario and a registered practitioner with the Construction and Design Educators Council of Canada.