Profitable Contracting

Having high overhead costs, underbidding, and low productivity eaten up what remains of your razor-thin profit margins?

In this two half-day instructor-led live webinar, we will help you recognize problem projects, identify unwanted expenses, increase productivity, manage overhead expenses and address labour shortages.

Topics include:

  • The essentials of operations, labour productivity and finance for contractors
  • How to control and reduce expenses
  • How to rid yourself of labour productivity concerns, high overhead costs, below-budget profits and cash flow headaches
  • How to increase cash flow and improve profits
  • Identifying 8 of the major causes and offering methods to resolve them
  • Identifying some of the recent advances: cloud computing, collaborative software, BIM, drones, wearables and offsite and prefab construction
  • Discussing some of the operational and financial issues: profit essentials, estimating, project management, labour productivity, people skills, materials and tools management, change orders, job costing, overhead controls, cash flow, AR collections, risk management, asset controls and a host of others.

Learning outcomes:

  • Key strategies to improve profits, reduce/control costs and increase cash flow
  • Understanding the elements of making profits
  • Managing labour productivity
  • Understanding the causes and solutions of the skilled trades shortage
  • Effective human resource policies and procedures
  • Identifying new technology to improve productivity
  • Understanding the risks and potential errors in estimating
  • Controlling and/or reducing overhead costs
  • Ensuring that billings and change orders are controlled
  • Improving AR collections
  • Safeguarding company assets
  • Reviewing financial performance tools
  • Forecasting company and project cash flows

Who should attend:

Owners, department and division managers, project managers and coordinators, field supervisors, administrators, estimators and Gold Seal candidates.

Gold Seal Credits: 1

Note: the comprehensive course manual filled with the methods and strategies is included for your future reference.


An excellent speaker with an extraordinary comprehension of running a Profitable Contracting firm.

Provided further understanding of operations and financial management related to project management.

Course content of seminar was well-grounded with printed materials, videos, power point presentation and articulate instruction and Q&A by presenter.

May 22 & 23, 2024 Wed. & Thu. 11:30am - 3:30pm ET
OR Nov. 5 & 6, 2024 Tue. & Wed. 11:30am – 3:30pm ET
Live Webinar
Wayne Newell
$400.00 + HST
$450.00 + HST
INSTRUCTOR: Wayne Newell

For over 35 years Wayne has provided financial leadership to companies throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. As a former Certified Management Accountant (now retired), he has a deep background in accounting for construction contracting. He presents specific techniques, methods and strategies that help companies increase profits, control costs and improve cash flows. In the past twenty years, Wayne has taught over 3,500 construction professionals, from St. John’s to Victoria.