Managing Residential Warranties: Your relationship with Tarion and HCRA

This course clarifies how developers and builders comply with Ontario laws regarding licensing and new home warranties. Even established builders can be uncertain what it takes to remain in good standing with the regulators and what is reflected in the public builder directory. This is an opportunity to simplify official advisories and bulletins. We can clear up long- standing confusion and prepare you for recent regulatory changes. Note that, while similar, this course is not equivalent to the ‘Competency Training’ required for licensing with Ontario’s Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA).

When the HCRA assumed control of licensing for new home builders and vendors in 2021 they avoided a massive overhaul but the changes they did make can still cause confusion or disruption to your business. Along with HCRA, came changes to how you remain in good standing with Tarion and your statutory warranty. Further changes are coming in 2024. All of these processes will be much more manageable when you understand them.

This 7 hour course will clarify:

  • How Tarion integrates with the HCRA
  • How building projects are approved / enrolled with Tarion
  • The financial impact of Tarion enrollment (fees and security bonds)
  • Specific warranty obligations and remedies, pre and post occupancy
  • How to remain compliant in resolving warranty claims
  • The Tarion conciliation under disputed warranty claims
  • Your exposure when Tarion gets involved
  • Strategies to remain in good standing with Tarion and your warranty obligations

Since satisfied customers go hand in hand with fewer warranty issues, we will explore ways to avoid conflict and forge constructive client relationships.

Who should attend: Applicable to new residential construction on any scale

  • Those with responsibility for customer service or buyer satisfaction
  • Project Managers accountable for fulfilling project scope and/or on-time delivery
  • Anyone concerned with company legal exposure, public profile, or service record
  • Anyone aiming to enhance buyer relationships
May 10, 2024 Fri. 8:30am – 3:30pm ET
OR Oct. 30, 2024 Wed. 8:30am – 3:30pm ET
70 Leek Crescent, Richmond Hill ON L4B 1H1
Steve Ryan, MBA, Managing Principal,
MMI Professional Services
TCA member:
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Ryan, MBA, Managing Principal, MMI Professional Services

After years advancing business skills among owner-operators within a franchise contractor network, Steve established MMI to bring those lessons to construction contractors in general. As one of three accredited training providers, MMI has guided hundreds of Ontario builders toward certification by the Tarion New Home Warranty Corporation and the HCRA licensing authority. Steve is a member of the TCA and the CHBA. As the Education chair at Toronto RenoMark, he spearheaded the introduction of their Professional Renovator Education Program.