Nationally acclaimed, the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal Certification is a recognized standard of excellence for construction management professionals.

Earned through industry experience, education and examination, Gold Seal Certification:

  • enhances your professional development,
  • improves your job mobility, and
  • markets your skills, competence, and experience.

Gold Seal Certified (GSC) construction management professionals have attained the highest standard of excellence, have proven industry experience, and are held in the highest regard. Companies that employ GSC professionals are seen as leaders for their commitment to quality and excellence through education, training, and continual skill development.

The Program is available for Estimators, Forepersons, Owner’s Construction Managers, Project Managers, Safety Practitioners or Superintendents working in Canada’s industrial, commercial, institutional, and civil (ICIC) construction sectors.

TCA/TCIC is proud to be involved in the Gold Seal Certification Program and we can help you with the training required for your application. Please visit for upcoming Gold Seal certified training. If you have any questions regarding to the training, please contact Faith Chen, for more information.

We encourage you to start your journey! Submit your enrollment application here.

Not sure where to begin? Watch an information webinar recording, read the application guide and use the credit self-assessment tool. You can also contact the Gold Seal team at or by phone at 613-236-9455, option 3.

Gold Seal exam

To obtain your GSC, you must pass the Gold Seal Certification exam. Offered four times yearly, this multiple-choice exam is written online from the comfort of your home or office. Since this is primarily an experience-based exam, there is no study guide. However, applicants are encouraged to review previous course material, company policies and procedures, sample exam questions and the competency self-assessment. You are only eligible to take the exam if you have received approval for your GSC application from the Gold Seal team.

The Gold Seal team also sets you up for success by hosting an exam prep webinar two weeks before each exam. The webinar gives you a chance to understand how to prepare and allows you to ask questions. Join the team as they take you through what to expect, tips and tricks, technical requirements, and more.

Visit the Gold Seal website for sample questions and other exam resources.


For those who want to further their professional development, once you become a GSC and meet further requirements, you can apply to obtain your Professional Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) credential.

As a P.GSC, your commitment to professional development will show employers, clients, and co-workers that you are a thought leader in construction management. Unlike the GSC, the P.GSC credential must be renewed every two years and meet the minimum requirements of 30 Gold Seal credits. Visit the Gold Seal website for details.

Join the other P.GSCs across Canada! Submit your application here.