The Gold Seal Certification Program, The Value of Certification

Application to be sent to TCIC Coordinator at TCA, 70 Leek Cres, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 1H1 for local approval.

The mission of the Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal Program is to establish, administer and continuously improve professional certification standards for construction management excellence and through promotion of education and training, certify managers of construction against these national standards.

The continuing success of the Gold Seal Certification Program confirms the Association's underlying belief that there is a significant desire in the management ranks to raise the professional image of the industry by having construction management skills in estimating, project supervision and management recognized on a national basis. There is also a growing recognition among construction employers that Gold Seal Certification play an increasingly important role in the future of their businesses.

By establishing the Gold Seal Certificate as the national standard for construction management competence, outcomes will include:

  • A greater emphasis by the industry on continuous construction management education and training;
  • More accessible construction education and training consistent with industry requirements; and
  • A more professional image for the industry in the eyes of the public, the employer and the client.

For the individual, the Gold Seal Certificate is a declaration of his/her commitment to education, skill and competence that is recognized by construction employers across the country. It also provides an analysis of individual strenghts and weaknesses as determined by the examination process. In addition, it provides a marketable credential to an employer, prospective employer or client.

For the contractor, employing Gold Seal Certified managers is a statement regarding the professionalism and commitment of the firm to education, skill and competence. Gold Seal Certification by CCA offers a real degree of assurance. The Certificate signifies that the individual has attained a nationally recognized level of experience and competence as a Superintendent, Estimator or Project Manager. In other words, the Gold Seal certified individual has attained the industry established national high standard of qualificaction.

For the owner and buyer of construction services, Gold Seal Certification is an assurance that the construction project management personnel employed on its projects have met the industry's rigorous nation standards. In a competitive industry such as construction where the ease of entry permits wide fluctuations in construction capability and quality, the Gold Seal Certificate is regarded by building professionals as an important tool in distinguishing skills and competencies.

The final product of the Gold Seal Certification program is a Construction Manager who has met the program's rigorous eligibility requirements and is recognized as having met the "industry established national high standards of qualification". Successful certificate holders have made a significant contribution to raising the standards and improving the image of Construction Management Personnel.

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